My Palettes

Roadmap Preview

Sep 6 2021

To start, I seriously wasn’t expecting this level of support. All 9,900 OpenPalettes were minted within the first 24 hours. It’s incredible how much love the project has received already, and the excitement for where it’s going. 🌈

I’m going to break down this roadmap preview into two categories, short and long term, to give an idea of what’s coming next.

Short Term:

  1. OpenPalette is exciting because of the layers that can be built on top of it. To demonstrate what this means, we’ll launch a pilot use case that’s unlocked by OpenPalette NFTs:

    OpenPalette Art: Generative artwork that interacts with your OpenPalette to craft one-of-a-kind art NFTs

    If you have an OpenPalette, you’ve tried the art page on this site — it’s fun to see how different OpenPalettes bring the artwork to life, creating a collection of unique experiences. But it’s limited in the sense that the art is only made available to you temporarily (I’ve seen everybody Tweet their screenshots, which is awesome btw 🌈).

    Get ready for OpenPalette Art, a vastly improved system that leverages new and existing art collaborations, and makes it possible for OpenPalette holders to mint never-before-seen, personalized art NFTs.

  2. Rarity attributes for OpenPalettes

    Personally, I just love building cool stuff, but I know a lot of people love trading and collecting NFTs, and things are in the works to support that too. I won’t say much about this yet, but if you have a #000000 or#ffffff, I might suggest holding onto it 👀.

Longer term

OpenPalette is designed for collaboration — with NFT creators and artists, developers and the wider Web3 ecosystem.

Initially I built OpenPalette myself, but the real value will be unlocked by the ecosystem that OpenPalette enables. I think we can look forward to multiple integrations and collaborations before even a fraction of its full potential is demonstrated.

We’re currently exploring different avenues for OpenPalette and the community behind it. Our goal is to discover ways in which we can continuously improve the project, while also unlocking benefits and value for those who own a piece of this creative project along the way.

I love hearing from everyone who has ideas, feedback, or is just excited about OpenPalette. Though I’m kind of swamped with messages right now, I try to check my Twitter and the new Discord whenever I can. Please reach out about collaborations!

If you’re following me on Twitter (@dvnabbott or @open_pal), you’ll know this is my first foray into smart contracts, so I’m seeing this world with fresh eyes and figuring some things out as I go. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the community so far, and I can’t wait to see what we can build together!