My Palettes


An OpenPalette is a randomized color palette generated on the ethereum blockchain. It can act as a publicly available data source for generative art, games, website themes, and more. Feel free to use OpenPalette in any way you want. Contract on Etherscan →

There are 10,000 palettes total, with #0 to #9899 claimable by anyone, and #9900 to #9999 currently reserved for the contract deployer.

OpenPalette Marketplace

On this website, we host a marketplace where artists can release their work, and OpenPalette-holders can mint personalized NFTs using their palettes.

For more info about the marketplace and roadmap, see: OpenPalette Marketplace


We also have an upcoming profile picture project based on OpenPalettes: OpenPixel


OpenPalette was created by Devin Abbott. It was heavily inspired by Loot and Developer DAO. The OpenPalette logo was designed by Travis Arnold.