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Airdrops + Official vs. Community Projects

Sep 23 2021

I woke up today and saw that many OpenPalette-holders received a surprise airdrop. This did not come from the OpenPalette team. I didn't know about this in advance, but I'm going to investigate more today and will report back later. From what I've seen in their discord, supposedly it's for an upcoming game on Polygon.

Update: I read through the contract for this airdrop, and I believe it to be a safe and normal ERC721 token.

I want to make an important distinction between two types of projects.

  • Official collabs
    I write the smart contract for these, and you can mint these directly on If we do an airdrop in the future, you'll need to "claim" your airdrop on (very low gas costs, ~$5-10), and as you've seen, I usually try to give 48 hours notice for things. I take a lot of pride in my code, and my reputation is on the line when I deploy a contract — so if there's one thing I want OP-holders to think about these projects, it's that our official collabs are safe and secure. We've only had one official collab so far, Cubeverse Color, but Nue Geo is coming tomorrow, and I expect it to go just as smoothly.
  • Community projects
    OpenPalette has open in the name for a reason. Anybody can build on top of it without permission, and in fact, we strongly encourage it! I still plan to tweet about projects written by other developers and say things like, "community member X created a new project exclusive to OP-holders! *not an official collab". Our community is arguably our most important asset, and I think community projects are a great way to grow it. That being said, I didn't write the smart contract for these, and I can't promise that they won't be buggy or eat your money. Sometimes, I may not even know about them in advance! In the future, I plan to add clearer messaging about this, so that OP-holders have clear expectations for participating.

I do know The Origins dev, and he did mention deploying an OP clone on Polygon. I said I was open to it, but that I didn't know much about it, and that we'd need to figure out what that would look like first. We didn't discuss further than that.

I definitely don't want to discourage community projects, though in the future, I would recommend anyone planning an airdrop to have OP-holders "claim" their airdrop. There are a lot of scammy airdrops these days, and I'd rather OP not be associated with that. 🙏