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Nue Geo Sale

Sep 22 2021

We've teamed up with @JadLimcaco to bring you Nue Geo: a generative art collection based on 70 unique geometric patterns, using your OpenPalette colors to bring the work to life! 🎨

The sale will begin Friday, Sep 24 at 7:00PM UTC 👀 (12:00PM PDT)

Collection details

There will be 2000 Nue Geo available to mint at a price of 0.025 ETH. You may mint one Nue Geo for each palette you own. If you use a palette on Nue Geo, you can still use it again for other collections in the future.

Additionally, we'll be enforcing a temporary minting limit of 1 Nue Geo per wallet address for the first 4 hours 🐢. After 4 hours (11:00PM UTC), you can mint as many as you like 🐇.

🚨 If you want a Nue Geo, please mint one as soon as you can within the first 4 hours. We've added this temporary limit as an experiment to include more OpenPalette holders. However, it is not a perfect system, and will only slow determined collectors, not stop them.

Jad and I will be minting 25 Nue Geo each using founder's palettes.

How to mint

You'll mint directly from the home page of this site, Here's a quick demo of how to choose which palettes to use:

Final thoughts

I'm really looking forward to this collection. I think the vibrant geometric patterns are a perfect showcase for OpenPalette, and they just look incredible.

I've also really enjoyed working together with Jad, and we're cooking up something possibly even cooler for OpenPalette holders in the future. It's not generative art, it's something totally different that I haven't seen before. And, every OpenPalette holder will be able to get one. That's all I'll say for now, but I think you're going to love it 😍