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Molten Core Sale

Oct 20 2021

For the past few weeks, we've been working on something very special together with our friends at @EthBlockArt. Introducing Molten Core, a generative art collection that brings your OpenPalette to life as a fiery ball of molten metal ☄️. The generative algorithm was designed by me, @dvnabbott!

The sale will begin Thursday, Oct 21 at 5:00PM UTC / 10:00AM PT.

How minting works

For this collection, you'll use your OpenPalette to mint over at the EthBlockArt website: The EthBlockArt platform is now integrated with OpenPalette and will automatically detect any palettes in your wallet when you click "Load Palettes" ⚡️

In case you haven't tried EthBlockArt before, it's a platform that lets you mint personalized NFTs based on specific blocks of the Ethereum blockchain. You can use their website to choose a block by its number; that block's data will then influence the Molten Core algorithm. In addition to choosing a block, you'll also have the ability to customize the art a little more using two adjustable parameters.

Here's a video demoing the minting process:

Sometimes people choose blocks containing meaningful transactions (e.g. the largest ever CryptoPunk sale), while other times they choose at random until they find a block that generates the most beautiful art.

For Molten Core, the block number influences how your color palette is used within the art (among other things), so personally I recommend trying a variety of different blocks to find something you like — you can click the Squirrel icon to jump to a random block. As we learned with Nue Geo, sometimes it's the most unexpected palettes that make the most beautiful art 🎨

Collection size and price

There will be 1000 Molten Cores available to mint at a price of 0.05 ETH.

Unlike our previous collections, you'll be able to use the same OpenPalette to mint as many times as you like. There will be no limit per wallet. There will also be no multimint.

Based on our previous collections, I believe 1000 will be enough that anybody who wants to mint one will be able to. However, if you need one, please try to mint as soon as possible after the release 🏃‍♂️

Additionally, people without OpenPalettes will still be able to mint in black and white if they like. There's also a "remint" feature, which in this case would allow people to apply OpenPalette colors to a Molten Core originally minted in black and white (for an additional cost).

Final thoughts

EthBlockArt and OpenPalette fit together perfectly — they're both about minting personalized art, but in different and complementary ways. I'm excited for our collab, but I'm also excited about the integration between platforms: any artist who releases a collection on EthBlockArt now has the option to use OpenPalettes too. I wonder who will use them next? 😍

I had a lot of fun designing a collection for the EthBlockArt platform. When we first started chatting about a collab, I wasn't expecting to create the art myself, since I typically stick to the dev side of things. It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out really nicely. Maybe I'll make some more art sometime 👀