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First Airdrop, First Auction

Oct 4 2021

We're working on a few bigger things behind the scenes 👀 , but in the meantime, @JadLimcaco and I wanted to experiment with two ways of distributing NFTs that we haven't tried yet: airdrops and auctions.

The tldr:

  • We've created a new NFT collection, RetroViz 📺. We'll be airdropping up to 5 to each wallet address that held an OpenPalette at Sunday Oct 3 at 7PM PT. You will have to claim your airdrop. No surprises.
  • We're holding an auction on OpenSea, ending Saturday Oct 9 at 3PM PT, for each of the 3 Nue Geo Genesis pieces that Jad created:

For all the details, keep reading.


In response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback around Nue Geo, Jad created 5 unique 1/1 pieces combining all 70 of the patterns used in Nue Geo into a single composition.

We'll be holding a 5-day auction for each of these 3 pieces, with bidding starting at 0.25 Ξ.

We'll be donating 35% of proceeds to charity and aspiring artists 🤝.

We already distributed the remaining 2 of these pieces to random Nue Geo holders as part of our giveaway last week.


Jad created a fun new NFT collection called RetroViz 📺, based on OpenPalette. See your OpenPalette colors go back in time with a retro TV vibe! Here's an example:

We want to use this collection as an opportunity to give back to our amazing OpenPalette community 🙌, and also to try our very first airdrop!

Airdrops can be tricky to get right, both from a social and a technical perspective. We've come up with a plan for this one that we're satisfied with, but we'll be keeping a close eye on how everything unfolds, and we'll adapt our next airdrop based on what we learn from this one 📈.

We want our airdrops to be:

  • Distributed fairly: Most people own between 1 and 5 palettes, while a few own over 100. We didn't want anybody to receive 100 times as many RetroViz NFTs as anybody else, but we did want there to be slightly larger rewards for bigger supporters.
  • Claimable: We've learned from unofficial/community projects that many people don't want NFTs to appear in their wallet without their consent. This is very understandable — there are more and more stories of people getting scammed on NFT platforms, and surprise airdrops play a big role in these. I haven't looked too deeply into these scams myself, so I won't comment on the details. But with a claimable airdrop, you can read the contract beforehand to decide if you're comfortable interacting with it (and as this is an official project, I wrote the contract myself).
  • Low gas cost: Since our airdrop is claimable, it will cost some gas to claim. We tried to mitigate the cost in a few ways. First, we kept the contract very minimal (for solidity folks, we didn't use ERC721Enumerable for this, which consumed a big portion of the gas). Second, the airdrop has no end date, and supply is preallocated (they will not run out), so feel free to wait for gas to be low. If gas is "low" (lets say 50 gwei) I expect claiming to cost ~$20. It costs a little more if you have more than 1 NFT to claim, but 80% of people have only 1.

We ultimately landed on the following distribution strategy, allowing each address to receive between 1 and 5 RetroViz NFTs:

  • Any address owning at least 1 OpenPalette will receive 1 NFT
  • Any address owning at least 5 OpenPalettes will receive 1 additional NFT
  • Any address owning at least 25 OpenPalettes will receive 1 additional NFT
  • Any address owning at least 2 palettes and at least 1 Cubeverse Color will receive 1 additional NFT †
  • Any address owning at least 2 palettes (3 if you also have a cube) and at least 1 Nue Geo will receive 1 additional NFT †
† We wanted to reward people with only 1 palette and who minted a cube or Nue Geo, but couldn't come up with a good way in the contract. The challenge is, each RetroViz is generated from an OpenPalette, so if you don't have a 2nd OpenPalette, we can't generate a corresponding 2nd RetroViz. If we come up with a feasible solution, we'll likely implement it.

We considered a variety of approaches, but decided that this one gives us a good distribution. 80% of palette-owners will receive 1 NFT, while 20% will receive more than 1. Only 12 palette-owners will receive the maximum of 5.

Upcoming airdrop distribution chart

Based on the data we collected at 7PM PT on October 3rd, this is how many RetroViz NFTs you'll receive when you claim your airdrop:

🚨 If the above number doesn't look correct, please let us know. If there was a bug in the data collection script, we can still fix things before we deploy the airdrop contract. After we deploy the contract, there's no way we can adjust the amount you'll receive. If we discover any issues, we will delay the airdrop. There could also be a bug in how we display the number on this website... in which case, that's very easy for us to fix.

We're planning to deploy the contract on Wednesday October 6th around 7:00PM UTC (12PM PT). There's no rush to claim your airdrop though, so there's absolutely no need to sit around and wait 🧘‍♀️. We will likely deploy it a little beforehand and test it ourselves, but I recommend waiting for us to announce that it's ready, just in case we discover any issues.