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Cubeverse Color Sale

Sep 18 2021

I’m happy to announce that the sale of our very first OpenPalette artverse collection will begin Monday, September 20th at 12:00PM (noon) PDT 🚀.

About the art

For this collection, we’ve teamed up with@TheCubeverse to create an algorithm for procedurally generating new cube artwork based on OpenPalettes 🎨.

The cubes are beautifully animated, cycling through the unique set of colors they’re created with.

How it’ll work

Once the sale starts on Monday, you’ll have the option to mint one cube per OpenPalette you hold. Each OpenPalette may only be used once for this collection. Using a palette to mint a cube in this collection won’t limit you from using it for future collections.

We’ve created an interface on this website for choosing which palette to mint with. Here’s a quick demo video:

Based on feedback from the Cubeverse community, we’ve also reserved a portion of Cubeverse Color for existing Cubeverse holders (details at the end of this post).

Collection size and price

This collection will be first-come-first-mint, with 750 cubes available, at a mint price of 0.05 Ξ.

500 cubes are reserved for OpenPalette holders, and 250 for Cubeverse holders — this ratio is roughly based on the ratio of OpenPalette holders to Cubeverse holders. When Cubeverse holders mint, the cubes will use colors in the 9900+ palette range to ensure no duplicates with OpenPalette holders.

We decided on this collection size and price together with@TheCubeverse based on many competing factors. I suspect this collection may be a little too small for the size and activity of the OpenPalette community. However, since this collection isn’t available to the general public, it’s very difficult to estimate demand.

Please think of this first collection as an experiment: if it’s too small, then we’ll adjust for our upcoming collections, even if that means turning down collaborations with artists who want to keep things small. If it’s too big (I think that’s unlikely, but you never know), that will also be important to learn.

If you’re not able to get a cube, or if you’re not interested in cubes for whatever reason, we have more artists lined up to grow this beautiful OpenPalette artverse. We plan to release the fantastic Nue Geo collection by@JadLimcaco next week too.

Final thoughts

This collaboration was quite a journey, but I learned a TON 😁. I still can’t believe how quickly the OpenPalette community has grown, and how much has happened within the last two weeks 🎉.

We have more goodies coming after these two collections, like our@EthBlockArt collab and official palette "attributes". There are some things we haven’t even hinted at yet too 👀. We hope to make good use of Chainlink’s technology and expertise with our upcoming plans.

I really appreciate the support of the OpenPalette community so far, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us 🎨.


Details for existing cube-holders

If you don’t hold any NFTs from the Cubeverse collection, you can stop reading here.

Due to how the original Cubeverse NFT contract is set up, we weren’t able to directly use your ownership of a cube to allow participation in this sale. However, we were able to set up a token airdrop for all Cubeverse owners based on ownership data from the OpenSea API. These tokens will allow you to mint items in the Cubeverse Color sale.

If you’re a Cubeverse holder and want to participate in this sale, please collect your airdrop tokens here: Cubeverse utility token airdrop. If you have any questions about this airdrop and sale, ask @wsrk in the Cubeverse Discord.